New Georgia Bail Law Put in Place

BREAKING NEWS: According to AJC (the Atlanta Journal-Constitution), there is a new law in Georgia (Senate Bill 407) that requires judges to determine the defendant’s finances before setting bail for said defendant. While this may sound like a good way to make sure judges don’t overcharge defendants with unrealistic bail amounts, it is actually giving… Read more »

3 Reasons a Judge Might Deny You Bail

Bail is not a guaranteed thing. A judge, for a variety of reasons, can always choose to deny you (the defendant in this scenario) bail. The most common three reasons include: You’re not a US citizen You’re a flight risk You’re a repeat offender Let’s break down these reasons in greater detail so that if… Read more »

Why are Bail Bond Fees Non-Refundable?

Bail agents get asked this question often. A bail bond fee, also known as a premium, is akin to an insurance product where an individual pays a fee for a product or service. In the case of a bail bond, the bail agent is offering to get your loved one out of jail and assume… Read more »

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What You Should Know Before Contacting a Bail Agent

The bail bond process can be confusing at times, particularly when you are stressed trying to get a loved one released from jail. First and foremost, know that bail agents take their role in the criminal justice system very seriously and strive to serve those in need in a timely and professional manner. Bail agents… Read more »

Who is in Jail and Why?

There is a false public perception that jails across the country are overcrowded with people who have committed non-violent crimes and are in jail simply because they cannot afford bail. Non-violent crimes include those that do not involve the use of force or cause injury to an individual. Economic damage and loss to an individual… Read more »

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The Seven Types of Bail Bonds – An Explanation

There are seven different types of bail. Each type has its very own set of rules, regulations, laws and purpose. Those seven different types are as follows: Surety Bonds Cash Bail Bonds Property Bonds Citation Release Recognizance Release Immigration Bail Bonds Federal Bail Bonds Surety Bonds In a surety bond, the bail bond agency pays… Read more »

Sufficient Surety in the Criminal Justice System

The commercial bail industry has a long and historic partnership in the criminal justice system. The purpose of bail is to ensure the appearance of a defendant in court. Commercial bail has done this for generations in the U.S. with an astounding record of reliability and accountability at no cost to the taxpayer. It is… Read more »

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The Federal Bail Bond System – An Explanation

The federal bail bond system can be much more confusing than the state bail system, but we’re here to make sure you understand every step of the process. When you need to bail someone out of a federal jail, the process isn’t as simple as having a local bail agent go to the jail to… Read more »

Can You Bail Someone Out from Another State?

Having close friends or loved ones living in different states can be stressful. It might make you feel like you have less ability to help them if something goes wrong and this is especially true if your friend or loved one ends up in jail. Finding a way to bail them out from a different… Read more »

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What to Do While Out on Bail

Being released on bail leading up to your trial allows you to attend work and other responsibilities and helps avoid loss of employment or housing. You are not completely free when you post bail though and you have some very important responsibilities to fulfill to avoid forfeiting the collateral that is backing your bail bond…. Read more »