Can You Bail Someone Out from Another State?

Can you bail someone out from another state? Yes, yes, you can. However, the process is a little bit different than conventional bail bonds. Let’s walk you through it. Having close friends or loved ones living in different states can be stressful. It might make you feel like you have less ability to help them… Read more »

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The Seven Types of Bail Bonds – An Explanation

There are seven different types of bail. Each type has its very own set of rules, regulations, laws and purpose. Those seven different types are as follows: Surety Bonds Cash Bail Bonds Property Bonds Citation Release Recognizance Release Immigration Bail Bonds Federal Bail Bonds Surety Bonds In a surety bond, the bail bond agency pays… Read more »

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How Long After Posting Bail is the Defendant Released?

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to get a loved one out of jail? After all, the last thing you want is to deal with inordinate amounts of paperwork and with having to get a loved one out of prison. So, if you have a loved one behind bars, then don’t fret! It… Read more »

Bail Reform: Who is watching the criminals

Many states across the country are passing bail reform mandates to eliminate monetary bail. The mantra is that too many people are being held in jail solely because they cannot afford money bail for their release. And, they have not been proven guilty for the crime they were arrested for. Monetary bail is now being… Read more »

3 Reasons a Judge Might Deny You Bail

Bail is not a guaranteed thing. A judge, for a variety of reasons, can always choose to deny you (the defendant in this scenario) bail. The most common three reasons include: You’re not a US citizen You are considered a flight risk You’re a repeat offender Let’s break down these reasons in greater detail so… Read more »

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What to Do While Out on Bail

Being released on bail leading up to your trial allows you to attend work and other responsibilities and helps avoid loss of employment or housing. You are not entirely free when you post bail, though, and you have some essential duties to fulfill to avoid forfeiting the collateral that is backing your bail bond. Follow… Read more »

The Federal Bail Bond System – An Explanation

The federal bail bond system can be much more confusing than the state bail system. However, we’re here to make sure you understand every step of the process. When you need to bail someone out of a federal jail, the process isn’t simple. You’ll need to have a local bail agent go to the prison… Read more »

Organized Retail Theft: Criminals Not Afraid

Organized retail crime (ORC) refers to professional shoplifting, cargo theft, retail crime rings and other organized crime occurring in retail environments. One person acting alone is not considered an example of organized retail crime. These criminals move from store to store and even city to city. You have probably seen videos on social media or news outlets showing groups rushing into a store and swiping… Read more »

Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights includes several Constitutional Amendments to prevent misconstruction or abuse of power by the government of the people. Some of these rights include: Freedom of Religion, Speech and Press (Amendment 1) Right to Bear Arms (Amendment 2) Protection of Unreasonable Search and Seizure (Amendment 4) Rights of Accused Persons in Criminal Cases… Read more »

Risk Assessments Put Your Safety At Risk

Senator John Kennedy, who represents Louisiana in the U.S. Senate, recently wrote an opinion piece for Fox News titled, “Bail, bond decisions are being made today with algorithms – that puts your safety at risk.” He stated that, “Algorithms diminish public safety in this country. They ask us to pretend that lengthy arrest records and… Read more »