What to Do While Out on Bail

Being released on bail leading up to your trial allows you to attend work and other responsibilities and avoid employment or housing loss. You are not entirely free when you post bail, though, and you have some essential duties to fulfill to avoid forfeiting the collateral that is backing your bail bond. Follow our tips, and you can avoid further trouble with the law.

Make all your court appearances.

If you miss a court appearance, law enforcement will assume that you are trying to escape and attempt to recapture you. You also risk forfeiting the collateral that is being used to guarantee your bail bond. This situation is easily avoidable by making sure to attend all of your court dates until the end of your case.

Check-in with your bail company.

Some bail companies will ask you to regularly check-in with them either via phone or in person. If they do, make sure to follow the check-in schedule they give you and call them as soon as you realize you’ve missed a check-in.

Call your bail company if you have questions.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you’re unsure of when your next court date is or you have questions about your case, don’t hesitate to call your bail company. If you miss a court date, make sure to call your bail company as soon as possible before a warrant is issued for your arrest.

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