The Seven Types of Bail Bonds – An Explanation

There are seven different types of bail. Each type has its own set of rules, regulations, laws, and purpose. Those seven different types are as follows:

  • Surety Bonds
  • Cash Bail Bonds
  • Property Bonds
  • Citation Release
  • Recognizance Release
  • Immigration Bail Bonds
  • Federal Bail Bonds

Surety Bonds

In a surety bond, the bail bond agency pays the entirety of the bail amount. This payment is made under the legally binding assumption that the defendant will pay them back in full. This type of bail bond usually costs the defendant 10 percent of their bail up-front for incentive purposes (and to guarantee that the bail bond agency receives at least part of their investment back).

The surety bond process often goes as follows:

  • You get arrested
  • A judge sets bail
  • You contact Anytime Bail Bonding, Inc.
  • You’re informed of all your financial obligations
  • We pay your bail after you pay the required fees
  • You are then free to go under the assumption that you will show up for all your appointed court dates. Otherwise, you will be skipping bail, and a warrant will be placed for your immediate arrest.

Cash Bail Bonds

Cash bail bonds are exactly what they sound like bail bonds are paid, in total, with cash. Getting out of jail becomes a relatively simple if you have enough cash to pay your bail. Once you have successfully attended all of your appointed court dates and your case has ended, you will get your bail money back. Think of cash bail bonds as providing an incentive to make sure you attend all required court dates during your case.

Property Bonds

Property bonds are not legal or accepted in every state in the United States. However, these bonds are just what they sound like, bail bonds paid for by property collateral.

To set up a property bond in Georgia, the property owner must use the full rights of the property in question as collateral (you can’t use partial properties in these situations). Real estate is the most common type of property bond, but other types are possible.

The most significant difference between a regular surety bail bond and a property bond is the time it takes to settle everything. A bail bonds agency can settle a surety bond in hours, but property bonds can take weeks. There are several reasons behind this, but the most common reason property bonds take longer is inspections and paperwork.

Citation Release

Citation release bonds depend on the discretion of the citing officer. These types of bonds are for written legal citations and nothing more. For a citation release, one must pay the citation in full. Once paid, you will be free to go. These are probably the best and easiest types of bail bonds available. Unfortunately, only the arresting officer can issue such a bond.

Recognizance Release

Recognizance release bonds are possibly the second most desirable type of bail. Release on your recognizance means that the judge has determined that you, the defendant, in this case, have been granted freedom on trust alone. In other words, defendants released on recognizance are free to await trial from home without paying any bail.

Immigration Bail Bonds

Immigration bail bonds are another easy-to-understand type of bond. They work the same as regular bail bonds, are exclusively for people who are not citizens of the United States. Because of the international nature and laws associated with them, immigration bail bonds are often arduous to complete. If you need help with immigration bonds of any kind, please do not hesitate to call Anytime Bail Bonding, Inc.

Federal Bail Bonds

Like immigration bail bonds, federal bail bonds are another easy-to-understand type of bond. They work the same as regular bonds do but in federal cases rather than regular ones. If you have been arrested and accused of a federal crime and need help navigating the complexities of them, then please call our team of bail professionals at 1-888-722-0314.

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