3 Reasons a Judge Might Deny You Bail

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Bail is not a guaranteed thing. A judge, for a variety of reasons, can always choose to deny you (the defendant in this scenario) bail. The most common three reasons include:

  • You’re not a US citizen
  • You’re a flight risk
  • You’re a repeat offender

Let’s break down these reasons in greater detail so that if you happen to be denied bail, you’ll at least know why.

Reason One – You’re Not a US Citizen

If you’re not a US citizen, then you will always be denied bail. The idea behind this is that if you were a citizen from another country and were granted bail, there is nothing to stop you from returning to your home country. And, if you’re in the United States illegally and appear in front of a judge for bail, you will be denied and could be handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and may also be deported to your country of origin.

Reason Two – You’re Considered a Flight Risk

A “Flight Risk” individual is someone whom a judge deems likely to run from the law and skip bail as soon as they’re released. If a judge designates you a flight risk, you will be denied bail, and there is little to nothing that you can do to have that right to bail returned to you.

Reason Three – You’re a Repeat Offender

If you are a repeat offender (especially if you’re a repeat offender of similar crimes), then a judge may deny you bail. Judges deny repeat offenders bail because they have judged that you have misused the gift of your freedom. If you’re a repeat offender, there is little chance that a judge will grant you bail rights.

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